Club Ownership and Vesting

NTC is member-owned.  Adult and Family Members are eligible to become vested owners of the Club after two full seasons of membership in good standing.  Vested Membership is optional.  Being vested entitles Members to share in the distribution of assets in the event the club is ever sold.  There is a one-time vesting fee of $500.00.  Vesting fee proceeds are used for club maintenance and improvement.  The number of shares a Vested Member is entitled to is based upon the type and duration of continuous membership, as well as what a Vested Member must do to retain vested status upon leaving the club (as further detailed in the club’s by-laws).

Fees and Payments

Family:               $1263.51 =        $1185.00 dues + $78.51 (6.625% sales tax)

Adult:                 $ 821.01 =        $770.00 dues + $51.01 (6.625% sales tax)

Intermediate:    $ 266.56 =       $250.00 dues + $16.56 (6.625% sales tax)

Junior:                $  207.92=      $195.00 dues + $12.92 (6.625% sales tax)

LAM:                  $  309.21 =       $290.00 dues + $19.21 (6.625% sales tax)

Guest Fee:        Cost per guest visit is $10.00 which will be added to the Member’s next year’s dues.


New Membership Dues: (First Year 50% Off)

Single Membership  $410.51  = $385.00 dues + $25.51  (6.625% sales tax)

Family Membership  $631.76 = $592.50 dues + $39.26  (6.625 sales tax) 

Finder’s Fee:     Existing Members who sponsor a new member will have $50.00 deducted from their next year’s dues.

Court Use

Courts are reserved in advance using an online reservation system. Reservations are made in 90-minute increments.  Members can reserve courts up to two times per 24-hour period, but NOT for two consecutive time slots.

Club Open Round Robins, designed as an opportunity for the maximum number of club members to play and interact at a given time, may be implemented at fixed times by the club during the season. 

League Matches:  Ladies League matches are played on a weekday morning with a start time of 9 AM. Men’s League matches are played on Saturdays with scattered start times.

Children under the age of 12 may not use the courts without adult supervision.  Ball machines may not be used by anyone under the age of 18 without adult supervision.

Guest Rules

Members are entitled to bring guests to play at the Club subject to the following limitations:

Family Members                                    Maximum of 12 guests per season

Adult Members                                      Maximum of 8 guests per season

Intermediate Members                       Maximum of 8 guests per season

Junior Members                                    Maximum of 8 guests per season

Limited Access Members                  Maximum of 4 guests per season 

No individual may be a guest of any members, or combination of members, more often than six times per year.

Members must register all guests before play starts.  Failure to register a guest, or any violation of the guest privilege, shall be considered a serious infraction of club rules.

Members may bring playing guests during the following hours only:

  • All day on weekdays.
  • After 1 pm weekends/holidays.

The $10.00 charge per guest will be billed the following season.

Tennis Parties

On a limited basis, and subject to approval by the NTC Board of Trustees, the Club may be made available for Tennis Party use on a weekend day after 1:00 PM.  The sponsor of the party must be an Adult or Family Member.


Players are expected to wear appropriate attire, including footwear, while on the courts.  Shirts must be worn at all times.

Loud, abusive or profane language, racquet throwing, or hitting balls indiscriminately is prohibited.