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____Family                   $1064.65 =      $995.00 dues + $65.92 ( sales tax)

____Senior                   $  690.15 =      $645.00 dues + $42.73 ( sales tax)

____Intermediate      $  160.50 =      $150.00 dues + $9.94 ( sales tax)

____Junior                   $  101.65 =      $  95.00 dues + $  6.29 ( sales tax)

___Vesting Fee            $  500.00           (If Applicable)

____Guest Fee             $    10.00

New Membership Fees: (First Year 50% Off)
Family Membership $530.46 = $497.50 dues + $32.96 ( sales tax)
Single Membership $343.87 = $322.50 dues + $21.77 ( sales tax)
No Initiation Fee for New Members $50.00 Finders Fee
$100.00 Savings for Single Membership Existing Members who sponsor a new member
$200.00 Savings for Family Membership $50.00 deducted from your next years dues
Limited Access Membership 

Applicant must be a current, full-dues paying member in good standing at another outdoor tennis club. NTC Board of Directors has right to determine if the “other” club qualifies in the spirit of this offer.

Applicant must submit a completed NTC application for LAM and receive approval prior to any play. All NTC board decisions are final.

Annual dues of $200 plus tax per person for twenty days of play at NTC

Maximum of twenty LAM offered.

Days of play defined as actual tennis games OR just hitting.

LAM must sign in prior to playing in order for NTC to keep track of number of plays. One courtesy reminder will be issued for not signing in; a second infraction may result in suspension or termination of the membership without refund.

LAM will not be eligible to participate in any club tournaments or to play in any club matches.

LAM may bring a guest four times per year. Guests are subject to regular NTC guest fees (currently $10). LAM is not permitted to bring any guests on Saturdays or on Sundays.

On any given weekend LAM may play either Saturday OR Sunday, not both.

Anytime during the year a LAM may become a full first year member at NTC for an additional $200 plus tax fee.

All LAM must abide with all NTC club rules.

Should this offer be extended beyond this year, no current NTC members may become LAM unless they do not rejoin NTC for three consecutive years

No initiation fees for Intermediate or Junior memberships.
Download HereIf you don’t already have one, you will need the free PDF plug-in fromAdobe, Acrobat Reader to open this application.

If you have any questions regarding becoming a club member,please contact

Robert Folchi
115 Evans Road
Bloomfield, NJ 07003